President’s Message June/July

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South Central Region of CSI

                                            President’s Final Message

                                                      June 30, 2018

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in this 2017 -2018 CSI year.

I have been pleased to preside at our Caucus at Construct 2017, our Fall Planning Conference and our Spring Conference.

I have had the pleasure to visit the Austin, Dallas, Houston, Lubbock, and Tulsa Chapters. I am happy to report that Past President Frank Fuller and I have met with the Lubbock Chapter several times and they appear to be back on track, moving forward toward being a significate influence in their area.

I began a discussion to develop a three to five year strategic plan for our Region. I plan to continue that discussion, with President Long’s approval, in July, in hopes of developing a proposed Region Strategic Plan for submission to the Board at our Fall Planning Conference with your assistance.

At the request of the Regional Presidents around the nation, I have facilitated monthly and bi-monthly Regional President’s Conference Calls. If asked, I will continue to facilitate these conference calls.

I have urged CSI National to improve dues reimbursements to Chapters to a 30 day cycle, in lieu of the current 60 day cycle. This is a National issue, especially for smaller Chapters.

I have also urged CSI National to reinstate membership reports that reflect members that are due to renew membership, members that need to renew membership now, and members that have not renewed their membership within the last 30 days. FYI, this reporting system has ceased with the new National System in place.

In addition, I have asked that CSI National improve their data reporting to become more accurate regarding Chapter membership and their website more user friendly.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to be of service to our Region.

Yours in CSI Service,

Kenneth W. Donoughue, AIA, CSI

President – South Central Region of CSI


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